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Metropolitan's Quarterly Youth Summit

We recently held our first Youth Summit on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Although we did not have as large a turnout as we had anticipated,  those that attended enjoyed themselves as well as receiving llife enhancing information.

We had great music provided by DJ Simon Smith. Vocals by  Sam Devore and family. Hot Dogs and fixins, fruit, chips and bottled water. discussions on our young people, as well as adults, maintaining healthy lifestyles.

There was informative participation by those that attended. One Sister told us that she was diagnosed with cancer.  She started juicing every day and modified other aspects of her lifestyle and is now cancer free.

Our health team including Dr. John Detzow provided printed information on STD's, and Hepatitis A,B,C and D and. He provided us with a wealth of information on the effects of what we consume has on our bodies.  

We were so happy to see the enthusiasm that our youth displayed in participating in our activities.

We also shared with the neighborhood. Everyone truly had a great time and received spiritual uplifting.

We will make sure that you received advanced notice of our next Youth Summit so that your family can participate in this fun filled and informative event.



By: Sis. Barbara Williams

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